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We’re the winners of TSStartup!

🕔 June 17, 2013

It was April 2013 when we were accepted to TSStartup, a Slovenian startup accelerator. It’s a programme that enables  participants to develop, gain knowledge and implement innovative business services. And whoa, was this an intense experience!

TSStartup was our Home, and it’s where confidly was born :)

Our Mentors

We are truly grateful to our mentors, who guided us through intense weeks of TSstartup. Special thanks to Aleš Špetič, Aleš Smokvina, Alja Isaković, Jan Isaković, Andraž Tori, Dušan Omerčević, Marko Mrđenović, Jugoslav Petković and Darko Butina. 


We started from scratch, and had to compete against 10 other teams. The competition was sharp, but at the end we managed to win, and secure a 20.000 € investment. Yay!

TSStartup was truly the best-ever startup experience, so we are sending out our support for the next generation.