Tell us your worries. Anonymously.

Share your most uncomfortable thoughts. We care.

Got enough love to change the world?

Help people in need and share your caring advice. It matters.

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Confidly helps you post your worries and share them anonymously. You will feel comfort when complete strangers all over the globe answer your worries and offer their caring advice. With confidly, you will never feel alone. We are here to help you. We care.

Features-anonymous Be Anonymous

We don’t need your name, your address, pet name, phone number, shoe size… Just be yourself, and tell us how you feel.

Features-password-smal Keep it Secure

Keep your thoughts safe. Sign in and protect your posts with a unique password. What happens in confidly, stays in confidly.

Features-block Remove Negativity

Don’t like the opinions you got? Remove them! We let you create your own experience when you are in need for comfort.

Features-report Report Abuse

Let us know if someone is using profanity, being offensive or spamming. We will block their device (muahaha).

Features-lock Lock Your Worry

Your worries stay open for discussion for 7 days. Lock them sooner if you wish to prevent users from posting further opinions.

Features-thank Say Thank You

Thank people who helped you with their opinion. Use the Thank you button when someone puts a smile on your face.